Benicia-Martinez Bridge

Light-weight, segmental, cast in place, post tensioned.

  • PowerPozz™ was used in the concrete piles and light weight segments
  • Benefits: Strength enhancement of light weight concrete, permeability reduction, earlier release of post tensioning.

Broad Contemporary Art Museum – Los Angeles

  • PowerPozz™ White was used in precast concrete to enable color stability and provide durability to increase the life span of the building.

Pier Concrete Bulkhead Encasement

Wake Island Airfield – Mid Pacific.

  • 220 cubic yards of concrete with PowerPozz™ Metakaolin at 7.5% replacement by weight of cement.
  • PowerPozz™ specified to reduce permeability and to provide corrosion resistance.

Magnetic Silencing Facility

PowerPozz™ Metakaolin used in Navy Submarine Magnetic Silencing Facility.

  • PowerPozz™ was selected as a pozzolan for its minute magnetic signature.
  • Benefits: Reduce permeability and chloride ingress from salt water.

Pinalito Hydro Project

PowerPozz™ at a remote hydro project in Dominican Republic.

  • Construction site's aggregate was potentially very reactive.
  • Benefits: PowerPozz™ was used to mitigate ASR reaction.

Diemer Water Filtration Plant

Ozone retrofit project.

  • PowerPozz™ was used to reduce permeability and increase durability.

Brayton Point Cooling Towers

500 foot cooling towers for coal burning power plant located next to open sea (salt water). PowerPozz™ was used to…

  • Reduce permeability
  • Improve chloride resistance
  • Increase durability
  • Increase strength

Route 67 Missouri River Bridge

Quaternary Concrete Overlay.

  • Type I Cement, GGBFS, Class C Fly Ash, PowerPozz™
  • Benefits: Increased durability factors, reflectivity.

I-5 California Truck Tunnel

Emergency Repair (Before)

  • A tragic pileup and fire resulted in the closure of a key portion of the I-5 Highway in California.

I-5 California Truck Tunnel

Emergency Repair (After)

  • PowerPozz™ was used in the high-early concrete pavement design.
  • Benefits: Increased durability factors and reflectivity.

Tappan Zee Bridge

Hudson River Valley Crossing

  • PowerPozz™ was used in the precast concrete deck replacement.
  • Benefits: Increased durability and reflectivity.

San Jose State Student Housing Complex

GFRC Panels using PowerPozz™ Metakaolin

  • PowerPozz™ Metakaolin was used in this GFRC Panel System using 5 different color mix designs. This 2005 ACI award winning project, is recognized as the largest GFRC project in the Western USA.
  • Benefits: Strength and Efflorescence Control

Corona Point Office Complex

GFRC Panels using PowerPozz™ Metakaolin

  • GFRC Panels using two colors from the third floor to the roof.
  • Architectural Precast using two colors at the ground floor and second floor.
  • Benefits: Strength and Efflorescence Control