Benecia Bridge
Benicia-Martinez Bridge

Light-weight, segmental, cast in place, post tensioned.
  • PowerPozz™ was used in the concrete piles and light weight segments.
  • Benefits: Strength enhancement of light weight concrete, permeability reduction, earlier release of post tensioning.

Broad Contemporary Art Museum - Los Angeles

  • PowerPozz™ White was used in precast concrete to enable color stability and provide durability to increase the life span of the building.

Pier Concrete Bulkhead Encagement - Wake Island Airfield - Mid Pacific.
Pier Concrete Bulkhead Encasement

Wake Island Airfield - Mid Pacific.
  • 220 cubic yards of concrete with PowerPozz™ Metakaolin at 7.5% replacement by weight of cement.
  • PowerPozz™ specified to reduce permeability and to provide corrosion resistance.

Magnetic Silencing Facility
Magnetic Silencing Facility

PowerPozz™ Metakaolin used in Navy Submarine Magnetic Silencing Facility.
  • PowerPozz™ was selected as a pozzolan for its minute magnetic signature.
  • Benefits: Reduce permeability and chloride ingress from salt water.

Pinalito Hydro ProjectPinalito Hydro Project
Pinalito Hydro Project

PowerPozz™ at a remote hydro project in Dominican Republic.
  • Construction site's aggregate was potentially very reactive.
  • Benefits: PowerPozz™ was used to mitigate ASR reaction.

Diemer Filtration Plant
Diemer Water Filtration Plant

Ozone retrofit project.
  • PowerPozz™ was used to reduce permeability and increase durability.

Brayton Point Cooling Towers
Brayton Point Cooling Towers

500 foot cooling towers for coal burning power plant located next to open sea (salt water). PowerPozz™ was used to...
  • Reduce permeability
  • Improve chloride resistance
  • Increase durability
  • Increase strength

Missouri Bridge
Route 67 Missouri River Bridge

Quaternary Concrete Overlay.
  • Type I Cement, GGBFS, Class C Fly Ash, PowerPozz™
  • Benefits: Increased durability factors, reflectivity.

I-5 Truck Tunnel
I-5 California Truck Tunnel

Emergency Repair (Before)
  • A tragic pileup and fire resulted in the closure of a key portion of the I-5 Highway in California.

I-5 Truck Tunnel - After
I-5 California Truck Tunnel

Emergency Repair (After)
  • PowerPozz™ was used in the high-early concrete pavement design.
  • Benefits: Increased durability factors and reflectivity.

Tappan Zee Bridge
Tappan Zee Bridge

Hudson River Valley Crossing
  • PowerPozz™ was used in the precast concrete deck replacement.
  • Benefits: Increased durability and reflectivity.

San Jose State University Student Housing Complex
San Jose State Student Housing Complex

GFRC Panels using PowerPozz™ Metakaolin
  • PowerPozz™ Metakaolin was used in this GFRC Panel System using 5 different color mix designs. This 2005 ACI award winning project, is recognized as the largest GFRC project in the Western USA.
  • Benefits: Strength and Efflorescence Control

Corona Point Office Complex
Corona Point Office Complex

GFRC Panels using PowerPozz™ Metakaolin
  • GFRC Panels using two colors from the third floor to the roof.
  • Architectural Precast using two colors at the ground floor and second floor.
  • Benefits: Strength and Efflorescence Control

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